Zombie Tsunami: Related tasks jump

Related tasks jump

Zombie Tsunami apk

– Jump for 2 seconds: Make a long jump, if any bonus is added, the quest is completed.

– Jump short 10 or 50 times: Make short jumps continuously to be able to finish quickly, but pay close attention to the hole if you use too much jumping.

– 30 short jumps in one location: If the mission is to jump in Egypt then you must jump in Egypt to be counted

– Jump to the top of the car: You have to jump so that the zombie legs must touch the car or the bus is calculated.

– Jump on the head 2, 6, 10 running cars: Pay attention to the running cars when appear, on the screen will appear “!”, Jump to the zombie tsunami feet hit the car. This task is quite difficult but will be accumulated many times.

– Jump over the head when there are at least 5 or 15 zombies in the mission: Count the zombies in the mission, when more than 5 or 15 quickly jump over the head without eating meat.

– Fall down the third hole, Die on hole 5 or 10: Control the zombie flock down the pits as in the quests stated. It’s best to play a game and go to the pit number, in which hole in the hole.

Link download  zombie tsunami game : http://zombie-tsunami.net/

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