How to upgrade the power Zombie Tsunami (Part 2)

Dragon (Dragon): Dan zombies will turn into one dragon capable of flying high in the air and long hold

Giant (Giant): Dan zombies will turn into a monster emitting laser capable of destroying everything on the way. Of course, except … hole.

Quarterback (baseball player): Dan zombies will turn into the baseball player is very aggressive with ability can nawg tone is anything else on the road without losing troops. The more you raise the level of skill survival time longer.


Zombie Tsunami apk

UFO: UFO every 5 seconds you will create 01 new zombies. Kill is quite rugged so do not rise to recommendations from the cost of gold.

Ballon (bubble): herd of zombies will turn into the sky balloons. The only advantage of this skill is probably immune to … the pool, while the hole is “death pit” with other spells.

Coin Car, Coin Bobm: the skill capable of transforming a car bomb and gold every time you touch the zombies. This is really useful to kill golden plow in the game zombie tsunami.

These skills are on the basis of its own strengths and weaknesses, each individual skill are helpful but taken together is increased skill quickly completed the task threads. You have the flexibility to increase the skill you like, but to save money, do not rise to the skill UFO, Ballon. These skills are not really helpful and very rugged. Best to increase only 1 point each to complete related tasks.

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