Supporting in Zombie Tsunami game (Part 1)

With Zombie Tsunami, 8 complementary to transform into different types of zombies. Each type possesses the skills and ability to separate, but they are only valid for 20 seconds.

GiantZ: as the 2nd most powerful type. GiantZ (also known as giants) have great destructive power, the possibility of damage .. Giant widespread use is a key weapon laser gun through two eyes.


Zombie Tsunami

Ninja: Zombie type of ownership is a very sharp sword, able to slice and slash transport powerful bombs, can jump two times at once.

Gold: the zombies are gold coated with the ability to turn everything into gold except two subjects: the people side of the road for help and the bad guys in buses, cars, and then collect them. They died when dropped pit subsidence in roads or cracked.

Quarterback: the Zombie Tsunami apk type “immune” to the bombs and all kinds of obstacles on the track. Their only minus point is not able to run normally, but when in the form of ownership advantages of good defensive ability.

Link download  zombie tsunami game :

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Author: zombietsunamisite

I very like play zombietsunami!

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