Tips Play Zombie Tsunami not everyone knows

Game Zombie Tsunami apk is a fun game genre Endless Fun Run. Join the game, players will have to eat those determined to turn them into green living. When the number of zombies increases, the speed of the game increases. Requires players to be really quick hand eye could pass.


Zombie Tsunami

Increasing the number of undead zombies blue

To be able to eat as many zombies as possible, players can not eat those standing on the road or are trapped in the vehicle. Depending on the magnitude of the number of vehicles that need different zombies. For example, as the normal 1 car need 4 more eating zombies and will be one more zombie. Subsequently, the bus will need 8 zombies and zombie eat 2 or 3. 12 tanks need 3 more zombies and zombie edible. The highest is 16 zombies and aircraft should be 4 or 5 zombies eat anymore. Subscribe to add some super cool trick play zombie tsunami.

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I very like play zombietsunami!

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